TahlilErtebat is looking for an experienced Full-stack Web Developer to join our Tehran office.

As a back-end developer, you’ll be responsible for creating stable, responsive, and performant services while also working alongside our client-side engineers. You will also design and develop new features by working with our product and engineering teams. A commitment to collaborative problem solving, sophisticated design, and quality product is essential.

Support the team in creating reliable and high performing web-based services and applications for several ongoing and new exciting web projects.

*Required documents that allow a careful evaluation of your application are a resume, cover letter and additional samples / private projects (GitHub)*


  • Develop, maintain, fix, and improve web applications on the back-end side.
  • Develop, maintain and improve deployment flows and project architecture.
  • Adhere best development practices, design patterns etc.
  • Keeping to corporative coding standards.
  • Design and implement automated-testing (TDD, acceptance).
  • Produce well-designed, maintainable code.
  • Develop back end applications, advocate and demonstrate the use of industry-standard design patterns, development methodologies, and deployment models.
  • Solve and articulate complex problems through application design, product development, and user experiences (location does matter – you will make it easier for people to visualize their data with locations in mind).
  • Develop software used by people who are not software developers – ensure the exceptional software you create influences them to be exceptional professionals in their respective fields.
  • Collaborate with other programmers and developers throughout the development process.
  • Participate in prototyping exercises with new technologies.


  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in relevant field or equivalent work experience.
  • Working proficiency in English
  • Strong understanding and experience with PHP7.
  • Strong understanding and experience with PHP frameworks like Laravel and Lumen.
  • Experience with Redis.
  • Experience with Git, Git hooks, GitHub, GitLab and Azure DevOps flows.
  • Experience with tools and crashlytics like Firebase, GCM/FCM, Airbrake, Grind.
  • Experience with push notification.
  • Experience in automated testing (unit, integration, e2e tests).
  • Experience with relational databases like MySQL (MariaDB).
  • Experience with web servers like NGINX and Apache.
  • Experience with different authentications methodologies like OAuth and JWT.
  • Solid understanding of Linux.
  • Experience with Bash scripting.
  • Experience with search engines like ElasticSearch.
  • Experience with message brokers like RabbitMQ.
  • Experience with security audits.
  • Experience with code refactoring and migrations of legacy code.
  • Solid understanding of TCP/IP stack.
  • Solid understanding of CI/CD concepts.
  • Understanding of different OS concepts like Virtualization, File Systems, Sockets, Threads and Concurrency, Process Management.
  • Familiarity with GIS applications and technologies and work with GEO data
  • Willing to perform R&D and integration of new technologies.
  • Keep a positive team-oriented attitude.
  • Be proactive and self-motivated, work without direct supervision.
  • Willing to accept and provide direction, work well under pressure, and handle multiple tasks.
  • Established interpersonal and organizational skills.
  • Must work well in a team-oriented environment.


  • Experience with SASS preprocessor (SCSS style).
  • Experience with HTML5 API, SVG, CSS3.
  • Experience with Docker, Vagrant.
  • Experience with responsive design and development.
  • Component-based CSS standards.
  • Scrum/agile software development methodologies.
  • Experience with package managers (Composer, NPM, Yarn).
  • Gulp task runner.
  • Experience with Kubernetes.
  • Experience with JavaScript frameworks like BackboneJS, Vue.js, React, Angular.
  • Experience with NoSQL databases like MongoDB.
  • Experience with deployment tools.
  • Experience with compilation of PHP extensions.
  • Experience with Microsoft Azure / AWS.
  • Understanding any of languages like Python, C++, Java.
  • Solid understanding ECMAScript Stage 3 syntax.
  • Experience with NodeJS and NPM scripts development.
  • Professional experience in GIS application design, development, and implementation.

What you can expect from us

  • A refreshing yet highly professional atmosphere.
  • Flexible work time.
  • FUN.
  • Lots of learning opportunities and support for your professional growth (Free attendance to related events, workshops, etc.)
  • Free public transportation ticket to and back from office.
  • Discount on food ordering.

به نظر می‌رسد شغلی مناسب شماست؟

بهترین خبر برای ما! لطفا رزومه‌تان را بفرستید تا بتوانیم بیشتر در ارتباط باشیم.

به jobs@teb.co.ir ایمیل ارسال کنید.

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