• In 2015, number of active users of messengers became more than active users of social networking apps.

  • In 2015, when Telegram created the bot revolution, many of the users whose business was making Instagram account and Telegram channel for advertising, began to build inefficient bots. Neglecting the fact that Telegraph revolution, is not a tool for entertainment and false earnings, but a development in the Internet world. Our team which was working in the field of development of web-based systems, realized that by developing Telegram bots could provide more specific and helpful services.

  • more than 7 million Iranians

    have used our services

  • more than 40 million Iraninas

    are using Telegram

  • more than 950 million people

    are using messaging apps daily

What are the advantages of chatbots over apps?

  • No need to download and installation

    When you make a web service that requires special personalization or access such as camera, location, etc., you need to ask your users to download and install your app. Not only data usage and unwillingness of users to download large applications are problems, but also the occupied space on the user’s phone is critical. By using bots (for example Telegram bots) these problems have solved.

  • No need to sign up or login

    Once you register for Telegram, there is no need to sing up or sign in for every Telegram bots. Also, Your audience is real. Registration for application is done by mobile numbers or Emails. Since it is so easy seconds to create fake email accounts fake users. But by using chatbots , when users starts using a service, we’re sure that they are real users. Because their Telegram account are real, and making fake accounts with fake SIMs is not so easy.

The two above factors together create an extraordinary feature, Bot-based services are easy to share and invite others in seconds, because they do not need to download and install, nor need to register. For example, one of our services on the telegram attracted 700 thousand users in one week.

  • No need to design for different devices

    Previously, we had to develop a website, an Android application, an iOS app, and a Windows Phone app. We had to consider budget and spend months for developing each one. Now the bots run integratedly on all devices. If we develop a telegram bot which works on the Web, Android, Apple, Windows, and Linux versions, then Goodbye the extra costs! Goodbye long and tedious deadlines.

  • Users know how to use it

    Previously, our parents, or anyone who was not too familiar with technology, would have to spend time to get to know capabilities of new applications. But everyone knows the messenger software. All bots also need the same user experience, and no bot can confuse the user by strange menus!

We are the creator of the most popular Telegram Bots

More than 7 million Iranians have used our services

  • Harf Be Man

    Harf Be Man or “Talk to me anonymously” is the most popular Telegram bot in the world. It has more than 1 million active users monthly.

  • TelePress

    TelePress is a bilingual bot that combines WordPress and Telegram. Admins of WordPress blogs can create a Telegram bot for their website for free.

  • Who knows you better ?

    Make a simple test, and invite your friends to guess you. This funny bot tells you who knows you best.

Our longstanding relationship with our customers is our pride.

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